Colon Therapy Treatment Hydro Style

Medically speaking, colon hydrotherapy is a procedure that cleanses the colon. It’s painless and doesn’t require the use of drugs or chemicals. The patient lies upon a comfortable table. While the patient lies comfortably, the therapist inserts a speculum into the patient’s rectum. Controlled warm water is infused into the speculum and into the colon. The gentle warm water flows through the colon system cleansing it. This flush of warm water, with internal debris, is then discreetly eliminated. The entire procedure is approximately forty-five minutes.

Its Uses
The medical profession uses Colon Hydrotherapy extensively. Colon therapy helps doctors detect Colorectal Cancer and in the study preparation of Colonoscopy. Colon therapy also has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body. And because of this therapy’s ability to remove toxins from the body, it is used in many detoxification treatments.

This treatment also helps remove hardened fecal debris that has been caught in the folds of the colon. Because of lack of exercise, proper diet, often continuous sitting positions, and other bodily treatment, debris becomes lodged in the folds of our colon. This becomes especially more true the older one gets.

When too much debris becomes lodged within the folds of the colon this material can produce bacteria that can cause harm to the body. Moreover, the buildup of fecal material will cause the body to become sluggish, sometimes making bending over difficult. For example, chronic constipation will slow a person down, causing them to always feel tired and make it hard to do bending tasks. With constipation material can get lodged in the folds of the colon. Hydro-Colon Therapy will help alleviate constipation and cleanse the entire colon.

Are You Need of This Treatment
We all eliminate and our elimination should take place at least once a day. If we don’t at least this, this then becomes a sign that our body is not functioning properly. Now there are many reasons that our elimination process may not take place daily. One is our eating habits. If your eating habits are inconsistent then this will affect your elimination schedule. The more inconsistent the bowels perform the more difficult it becomes for them to perform efficiently.

Colon Hydro-Therapy helps the colon perform efficiently. Most patients find the treatment very relaxing and rejuvenating. The clinics in which this therapy is performed are designed to meet the patients comfort from the moment they walk in the door.

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