Lungs Cancer – Causes and Prevention

You must have seen dozens of ads on TV, newspapers and magazines on lung cancer and wondered what it’s all about, how does the lung work, and what makes it malfunction? Here we have the answers to some of your questions.

How does the lung work?

Your lungs are very important for your existence. When you draw air through your noses, the air passes through your lungs where the oxygen is absorbed by the lungs and carbon di oxide produced in your body is released, this then passes out of your body when you exhale. Without them your body will not receive oxygen and all your vital organs including your brain. Needless to say you will not survive of your brain stops working.

Reasons behind lung malfunction

There are many risk factor of lung cancer. The presence of one of more risk factors doesn’t necessarily mean a person will have cancer of the lungs; nonetheless this is a good way to stay away from all cancer risks.

Nicotine Smoke: All forms of nicotine smoke whether it’s from cigarettes or from a cigar is bad for the lungs. There are evidences which point a direct finger at nicotine for the huge number of lung cancer deaths. In the last century, lung cancer was not as common because cigars and cigarettes were quite few and far between.

Asbestos: Non-smokers suffer from lung cancer for a different reason altogether. Asbestos is the largest cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Besides this, radon is also a known cause of concern. Radon levels in the soil vary across the country, but they can be high almost anywhere. Homes in some parts of the United States built on soil with natural uranium deposits can have high indoor radon levels (especially in basements). Studies from these areas have found that the risk of lung cancer is higher in those who have lived for many years in a radon-contaminated house.

Personal History of Lung Cancer: Though there are not clear indications of any connection between genes and lung cancer. However, there has been evidence that if someone in your family has cancer then there is a slight increase in the probability of you developing cancer as well.

Early detection is not common. The evident symptoms of lung cancer become evident only in the advanced stage. In most cases patients completely ignore their initial symptoms thinking of them as initial signs of smoking related infections etc. If you experience pain, breathlessness and cough, do not lose any time in seeing a doctor.

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