Urology Treatment in Delhi

Urology is an advanced science dealing with urinary tract system and includes male reproductive organs as well. Urinary tract infections and problems are common to both men and women. The system includes organs like kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, adrenal glands and male organs such as prostate and testes. While prostate related problems are male specific, ureters and urinary bladder ailments are more common in females. Since these organs perform some of the most basic functions of the body, any irregularity in the same is capable of affecting other functions and not letting the body functioning smoothly overall. For females especially, these organs might get easily affected due to vaginal infections, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and child birth. Some of the most common urological ailments in women are urinary tract infections, painful bladder, stones and cancer.

Not only this, urinary tract is one system which is most prone to anomalies, which might be inherited, birth defect or acquired. Irrespective of how you contract the urinary tract infection, there are some signs to watch out for. Excessive urination, pain in bladder, high level of creatinine, pain or cramps in abdomen are some indicators you might be having a urological problem.

Detecting the problem at an earlier stage is half the solution already. There are many hospitals in Delhi now which have specialized wings for urology. With latest technology, urological problems can be treated quite effectively and successfully. Modern equipment, skill and expertise of the doctor are utmost for the best urological care and treatment and now, Delhi has some of the country’s finest solutions.
Laparoscopic Urology surgery, includes a doctor inserting a small camera through small incisions to transmit the inside images on a screen. This not only allows the doctor to see where the problem is, it is also used while performing the surgery itself. Minutest of details and action accordingly is possible with laparoscopic urology surgery leaving little scope for mistakes. Laparoscopic surgery is now being offered by some of the best Delhi hospitals for treating kidney cancer, bladder problems and even prostate cancer. Not only these are more successful, they also mean shorter hospitalization period, less bleeding and fewer complications in healing.

There have also been major advancements and break through’s as far as Female urology surgery in Delhiis concerned. Hospitals have the best technology and equipment combined with years of acquired expertise and skill to now perform procedures such as sling surgery and reconstructive surgery. In the former, a sling is placed around the urethra to hold it in its original position and treat urinary incontinence while reconstructive surgery helps fix the damaged kidneys, ureters, urethra or genitals which might be a result of a traumatic event, cancer or from birth.

Female urology surgery in Delhi has grown by leaps and bounds and one can expect the best care and treatment here now. Many hospitals not only have specialized urology units, but super speciality wings for treating female urological problems particularly. Being complex in nature, it is always better to go to speciality hospitals to get the best treatment for urological problems.

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