The Numero Uno Pathologists

This California State licensed lab equipped with cutting edge technology is the first Lab is San Diego that offers Digene/Qiagen HC-2 testing for HPV, GC and CT from the ThinPrep and SurePath vials. Danner Laboratory offers personalized slide screening service for other labs across the country, with precision, utilizing their forms, codes and requisitions. This CLIA certified lab has all the Cytotechnologists ASCP registered, having experience of more than 15 years. The senior cytotechnologists are qualified for quality control screening as well as for conventional and liquid based preparations.

Started in 1976 as ‘in-office’ consultation service for gynecological services to examine PAP tests and other Cytology specimens, they guarantee high levels of accuracy, proven by tissue correlations. From offering guidance and support to other labs to assistance in research and validation in new technologies, Danner Laboratory is in the forefront. Offering the best in everything, they can be contacted via phone at 855.716.3672 or via Email at [email protected]

Ensuring accuracy in screening and diagnosis, they use the most advanced and accurate systems for ThinPrep with Imaging, that applies computer assistance to help cytotechnologists locate atypical and abnormal cells. With Virology or HPV testing to aid in diagnosis and detection of borderline lesions, negative PAP tests with positive HPV and ensuring prompt and courteous service Danner Laboratory sets the benchmark for all other labs and tests. They offer a range of services like

* Conventional and liquid based preparations screening
* Digene HPV, GC and CT testing from the original pap specimen
* Biopsy services
* Gynecological specimen screening including Thin Prep PAP test-88142, Thin Prep PAP test imaged-88175,SurePath PAP test-88142, conventional PAP test-88164
* Non-gynecological specimen screening comprising of breast discharge cytopathology slides-88160, anal pap smear-88160, urine cytology-88160, sputum cytology-88160, needle aspiration cytology-88173, halo breast cytology-88112
* 10% quality control screening
* High-risk quality control screening
* Temporary, permanent and as needed basis service provided with or without contracts

Danner Laboratory with exceptionally qualified technicians and years of experience is this field offers the best in every aspect for their clients. They deliver personalized service and communication, high-quality screened results on the forms using specific codes and pathologists’ preferences and turn-around time required within 24 hour notice. Ready to answer the queries, the owner and CEO-Doug Danner, is well prepared.

Danner Laboratory with the information gathered through communication is ready to meet the needs. They will obtain the lab’s sign-out protocol, code, list and specific procedures and ship the specimen of diagnosis via DHL, UPS, FedEx or Airborne Express, the fee incurred will be paid by the lab. An email or a call is required before sending the work though. The stained slides intact with all the information required including clinical information and patient history are checked well and returned on time.

The rate, fee and all the other information regularly asked can be checked at their portal of FAQ. Located at California, Danner Laboratory is here to ensure the best services and personalized support. All the queries and correspondence are treated with optimum confidentiality and they will respond within 24 hours. This latest lab equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and well experienced staff brings in new meanings to the concept of healthcare!

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