When Estrogen Dominates Your Not in Control

Excess estrogen has led to estrogen dominance; causing hormonal imbalance in women at an ever-earlier age and to a significantly greater degree then has ever been known. Estrogen levels in women are naturally higher, but in their mid-30’s both estrogen and progesterone levels begin to drop in women. Progesterone levels drop to where a woman is producing near zero, but estrogen levels only decline by 40 to 60 percent, leaving the woman in a state of estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance in western women is greatly exasperated by taking birth control pills. The active ingredient in any birth control pill is synthetic estrogen and taking birth control pills only elevates estrogen levels well beyond what they otherwise would be. Synthetic Estrogen is also the active ingredient in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Taking estrogen, in any form, in any dosage, unnaturally increases the body’s estrogen levels.

Estrogen is emitted by virtually all plastic products; including the plastic in the dashboard and seats of your car. In the process of manufacturing aluminum cans estrogen is produced and minute amounts of estrogen leak into any product packaged in aluminum cans. Food wrapped or packaged in aluminum foil also absorbs estrogen. Given the amount of food consumed in western societies from food packaged or wrapped in aluminum products the build-up of estrogen in the body over time is substantial. Excess estrogen is believed to be the primary cause behind the 40-60% drop in sperm counts in western men.

Combination of these factors has caused estrogen dominance to be epidemic among women in industrialized countries. Increasing the gap between estrogen and progesterone to such a degree women are not only suffering from estrogen dominance, but from progesterone deficiency at the same time.

There has never been a single scientific study to date that even suggests estrogen or HRT will prevent heart disease or the hip fractures so common in women with osteoporosis. The American Heart Association now takes the official position that HRT does not prevent heart disease, but in fact probably increases the incidence of heart attack in women.

There is only one scientifically and undeniable proven fact concerning estrogen; excess intake of any form of estrogen leads to various forms of cancer. It is unwise to say the least for any woman, at any age or at any time in her life, for any reason whatsoever to take any form of estrogen. Given these alarming facts concerning estrogen it behooves women to understand how the progesterone-estrogen equation works in their bodies.

Estrogen without a doubt causes breast fibrocycts; progesterone protects against breast fibrocycts. Estrogen increases body fat; progesterone helps use the body’s fat for energy. Estrogen is a major reason for salt and fluid retention in women; progesterone is a natural diuretic. Estrogen is known to increase blood clotting; progesterone normalizes blood clotting. Estrogen causes endometrial cancer; progesterone prevents endometrial cancer. Estrogen greatly increases the risk of breast cancer; progesterone helps prevent breast cancer.

When comparing the negative effects of estrogen to the positive effects of progesterone, one finds a near perfect balance between the hormones. Clearly and indisputably, natural progesterone is absolutely necessary to counter-act and prevent the many negative effects of estrogen dominance.

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