Keep Your Teeth Healthy – You Only Get One Chance!

The comical image of your granny asleep, with her false teeth submerged in the glass beside her, is timeless. But it remains a real risk to those of us who do not take sufficient action when maintaining our dental hygiene. In a modern age, people are living longer lives than their predecessors, unfortunately some parts of our body will need more care to accompany us on the journey. It’s not rocket science, but if you need a friendly reminder on how to keep your radiant smile healthy, please take a quick look at this easy to follow guide.

The 2 minute rule.

Be honest, how long do you spend brushing your teeth, especially in the morning when running late? A survey indicates that we usually spend forty five seconds, this is not sufficient. As a rule, you should brush, using a fluoride paste, for two minutes at least twice a day. This will ensure your teeth’s surfaces have been cleaned, and that the deadly bacteria that cause plaque will be removed.

Young children.

Take extra care if you have kids, especially after they eat fruit or drink juice, the tooth enamel can be softened by the acidic properties, resulting in damaged teeth.

Linked to Cancer.

It’s now a fact, those out of us that have poor oral hygiene, are at a higher risk of Cancer and other serious illnesses later in life. The Bacteria that thrives in an unclean mouth can leak into our bloodstream causing a myriad of health related issues. What bigger wakeup call do we need?

The Dentist is your friend

It is advisable to see your local dentist every six months for a checkup; this is for several important reasons; – if you go less regularly you may risk missing the onset of gum disease, this requires an expert’s observation skills. Secondly, the dentist will advise you of any new developments that may assist your daily routine. It may seem like an extra expense, but believe me it’s worthwhile sticking to this routine.


Your toothbrush will not be able to access the area between your teeth, this is a minefield for decay and gum disease development, and you need to tackle this – everyday! Floss is the weapon of choice, just slide the cord between those hard to access points; you can also utilize interdental brushes.


It’s often overlooked, but mouthwash is a powerful ally in the war against gum disease and plaque. It also can help you maintain fresh breath, which is always nice to have! Speak to your dentist for the best available products.

Don’t forget your tongue.

This important part of our mouths is often overlooked, a sulphur based bacteria will live happily here, if left unattended, and it produces bad breath. Ask your dentist for advice on how to clean the tongue; your friends will thank you for this.


Sometimes even the best daily cleaning regime needs a helping hand; make an appointment to see your dental hygienist every three to six months. It’s not a totally pleasant experience, but can make the difference in reaching those inaccessible nooks and crannies.

By following these simple rules you should be able to maintain that dazzling smile for many years to come.

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