5 Warning Signs of Skin Cancer That You Cannot Afford To Overlook

If you thought your perfect life can never be disrupted, think again! People are so self-involved that they often overlook minor signs that are trying to warn them of something big. If you have no idea what we are talking about, keep reading. You will get the gist soon enough. Is there any open wound on your body that is not healing? Are there tiny “spots” on your body that are steadily growing in size? Did you know that if moles around your body start changing color it could be an indication of cancer? Pay attention! These signs are trying to tell you something. Here are 5 warning signs of skin cancer that you cannot afford to overlook.

Watch Out for Changes in Skin

Examine your body; do you notice anything unusual? Changes might be subtle, but still noticeable. Don’t be under the impression that the symptoms will be visible only on your skin. They can be anywhere – from your scalp, between your toes, under your tongue or even on your genitalia. It will look like tiny bumps, but unlike pimples, it will not fade away in a few days. This should ring the first warning bell.

Changes in Moles

Moles or birthmarks on your body will change. The changes can either occur in shape, size or texture of the mole. If the outline of the mole is anything bigger than 6 millimeters, you need to consult a doctor immediately. Also, be wary of moles that pop out suddenly after the age of 21. Keep a close eye on the changes that are taking over your body, be it internal or external.

Changes in Sensation

Take a note of any freckles or moles on your body that feel tender, painful or just itchy. If the sensation lasts for only a few minutes, you need not worry about anything. But if it persists, it is better to seek consultation with dermatologists.

Know What Melanoma Is?

There are two types of skin cancer, melanoma cancer and non-melanoma cancer. Melanoma cancer occurs due to melanocytes in the body, a cell that is majorly responsible for our skin color. Melanoma accounts for 5% of skin cancer cases and it is the fatal type. The symptoms of melanoma are divided in “ABCDE” criteria.

A is for asymmetry – When one side of the mole does not match with the other.
B is for border – A spot with irregular or blurred border.
C is for coloring – When the color of your mole changes.
D is for diameter – When a spot spreads in size and crosses over 6mm.
E is for evolution – When you find the spot constantly changing in color, size and shape.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This is yet another form of skin cancer that usually affects people over the age of 50. Initially, red spots are seen appearing on the skin, which overtime develops into wounds. The red, scaly spots will easily bleed or crust. If left untreated, the sore will grow and spread to other skin surfaces.

If detected at an early stage, it is possible to rectify skin cancer. So don’t ignore the warning signs of your body.

The Truth Behind Metastatic Lung Cancer

Unlike other forms of lung cancer, metastatic lung cancer is the result of a cancer from another part of the body spreading to the lungs. When a malignancy develops in the body (most often in the breasts, colon, prostate, or bladder, though almost all cancers have the ability to spread) it can sometimes spread through the blood stream. When these malignancies settle into the pulmonary tissues, such as the alveoli (the final vein-like branches of the respiratory system) and the supporting tissues of the respiratory structures, the cancer has metastasized to the lungs.

Unfortunately, treating metastatic lung cancer presents significant challenges. Since the cancer has spread from another part of the body, treatment not only involves addressing the cancer in the lungs, but also the original cancer and any other areas of the body that may have also become affected. In some cases, if the primary tumor is successfully removed and if the spread of the tumor cells to the pulmonary regions is relatively localized, then the management of the cancer by surgical techniques may do the job. However, if the metastatic lung cancer is extensive, because so many areas of the body may be under the influence of the cancer, certain treatments (such as surgery, and in many cases, radiation therapy as well) may prove ineffective. Which leaves most patients with chemotherapy as the primary treatment of choice.

Chemotherapy often uses a combination of drugs (often referred to as “anti-cancer” drugs) to kill cancer cells, though a single drug may be used as well. While the aim of these drugs is to stop cancerous cells from multiplying, they also can damage healthy cells. This is what creates the side effects that are often associated with chemotherapy, such as the loss of hair, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue. The good news, however, is that the healthy cells will generally repair themselves once the chemotherapy process is over.

Chemotherapy can provide a cure (when the cancer disappears and does not return) or help to control the cancer (to keep it from spreading and perhaps kill cancerous cells that have already spread to other areas of the body, such as is the case in metastasized lung cancer) or relieve the symptoms of the cancer (to provide the patient with a better quality of life, even in the face of a poor prognosis). How it’s used in any particular situation is dependent upon the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, the prognosis, and the plan as set out by the patient and his or her physician.

In addition, there are complementary and alternative treatments. These can include everything from proper nutrition to pain management, from spiritual approaches to natural herbs and supplements. Of course, such alternative plans will vary much the same as traditional treatments, depending on the location and size of the tumor, the age and general health of the patient, and other factors.

Metastatic lung cancer is certainly more challenging to overcome than other forms of lung cancer because the fight against the cancerous cells is not confined to the lungs. And while a cure is unlikely in most cases, in rare instances (usually when the primary tumor has been removed and the spread of the cancer has been limited), the lung metastases can be removed surgically, with a prognosis of long-term survival.

Please note that the information provided in this article is for information purposes only. It should not be used during a medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of lung cancer or metastatic lung cancer. Such situations should always involve the expertise of a physician or health care provider.

The Numero Uno Pathologists

This California State licensed lab equipped with cutting edge technology is the first Lab is San Diego that offers Digene/Qiagen HC-2 testing for HPV, GC and CT from the ThinPrep and SurePath vials. Danner Laboratory offers personalized slide screening service for other labs across the country, with precision, utilizing their forms, codes and requisitions. This CLIA certified lab has all the Cytotechnologists ASCP registered, having experience of more than 15 years. The senior cytotechnologists are qualified for quality control screening as well as for conventional and liquid based preparations.

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* Conventional and liquid based preparations screening
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* High-risk quality control screening
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Danner Laboratory with the information gathered through communication is ready to meet the needs. They will obtain the lab’s sign-out protocol, code, list and specific procedures and ship the specimen of diagnosis via DHL, UPS, FedEx or Airborne Express, the fee incurred will be paid by the lab. An email or a call is required before sending the work though. The stained slides intact with all the information required including clinical information and patient history are checked well and returned on time.

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The Cause Of Yeast Infection

Vaginal Yeast infections are uncomfortable, embarrassing, and have an adverse effect on the quality of a woman’s life. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus called “candida albcans”. Yeast infections are overgrowths of normally growing fungi in the vagina. When this fungus grows out of control for many reasons including those described below, the vagina becomes inflamed, and a white cheesy discharge results. There is a strong odor, irritation and itching. Naturally occuring bacteria in the body usually control the yeast fungi. Sometimes this balance is upset. At least 75% of women experience a yeast infection at some point in their life. Disruption of this natural balance may occur with any of the following:

Excessive use of antibiotics, Diabetes, A weakened immune system (for example from HIV/AIDS, steroid use, pregnancy, cancer chemotherapy or other drugs that weaken the immune system), Use of douches or feminine hygiene sprays, Tight or non cotton underwear, Hormonal changes, Ovulation, Menopause, Pregnancy, Use of birth control pills, Use of hormone therapy. When the levels of this fungus exceed the bodies ability to destroy the invader, the fungus grows out of control. Vaginal yeast infection can be spread to the male urethra through sexual intercourse.

Generally speaking, the same things that lower our immunity and make it possible to contract other ailments, also make it possible to contract yeast infections. Stress is a major contributing factor. When we are is a stressful situation, or living a stress filled life, our bodies concentrate on dealing with the stress. When this occurs, our ability to fight disease, any disease, is lessened.

Some women experience an increase in yeast infections at menopause due to the tremendous hormonal changes that are occurring. Taking excessive antibiotics is a contributing factor. Antibiotics kill not only disease causing bacteria, but helpful bacteria that help our bodies fight disease.

Other contributing factors are excessive douching and use of scented feminine hygiene products. Any external product poses a risk for an individual who is susceptible to infection. Tight fitting clothes that don’t allow adequate blood and air circulation at the infected area are a problem. Its much easier to prevent a yeast infection than to cure one, so remembering all of these potential causes is the first step to preventing the problem in the first place.

Now I know this sounds like just a list of causes, but remember that we said the important thing was prevention. If you are susceptible to yeast infection, avoid bubble baths, irritating soaps and perfumed toilet paper. Avoid harsh detergents used to wash undergarments. Rinse your laundry thoroughly so that there is no detergent residue.

Diet has a big impact on candida yeast infections. Dairy products can lead to infection in some women as can most grain products, nuts and high sugar foods. Knowing the cause of the infection is important to prevention.

If you have taken every possible precaution to prevent infection, and you still suffer recurrent yeast infection problems, then its time to start looking at remedies. There are several antifungal drugs that are used in treatment, as well as a cornucopia of herbal and holistic treatments. If prevention was unsuccessful, and the holistic remedies failed, see your doctor. There is a great deal of long term damage that can be cause by long term and recurrent yeast infection. Take heart yeast infections are preventable and curable.

Lawsuit Arising Out Of Death Of Man From Metastatic Colon Cancer Ends In $1.5 Million Recovery For Family

For several cancers such as colon cancer there are clear recommendations and guidelines for the tests to conduct when a patient complains of certain symptoms. In the event that a doctor fails to adhere to these recommendations and the patient does have cancer which eventually winds up spreading due to the resulting delay in detecting the cancer, that physician may be liable for medical malpractice. As an example of such a situation look at the following published lawsuit.

When the individual in this matter first commenced treating with his internist the physician did a full physical examination and documented his findings of both internal and external hemorrhoids. The physician noted that the patient had bleeding from the rectum periodically. The physician did not do any more testing to determine if there was any blood in the patient’s stool or to determine the source of the bleeding. Also, despite the fact that the individual was fifty years old when, the doctor did not send the man for a sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy in order to screen for colon cancer
Two years later, having experienced several days of abdominal pain the man was seen in the urgent care department at his physician’s office. The man was examined by a nurse who noted in his record that she found occult blood in the man’s stool using a guiaic test. A few days later the patient returned to check in with the physician for the results of the examination however the physician failed to take any action with respect to the blood previously found in his stool. The physician did however suggest that the individual have a screening sigmoidoscopy and sent him to a gastroenterologist.

The gastroenterologist performed the sigmoidoscopy as requested by the primary care physician rather than a full colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist only examined up to thirty-five centimeters and noted merely the presence of hemorrhoids none of which were bleeding but failed to determine the reason for the prior finding of blood in the stool.

Two years later, the patient was again seen by the internist this time for bloating of the abdomen. During the physical examination of the man, the doctor could detect an a mass along the liver and ordered a CT scan which found large masses present both in the liver and also the colon:. Now the internist finally sent the patient for a colonoscopy which found colon cancer. By this point, the patient had metastatic colon cancer which had progressed to such a degree that he was no longer a candidate for surgery. The patient commenced treating with chemotherapy but died just over a year after his diagnosis.

The man’s family pursued a lawsuit against both doctors. The law firm that handled this matter announced that they were succesfull in achieving a settlement for $ 1.5 million on behalf of the man’s family. This matter demonstrates why it is so important to do proper tests for symptoms that raise the suspicion of colon cancer. In particular when a patient has blood in the stool physicians generally recognize that a colonoscopy and not a sigmoidoscopy should be done to eliminate the possibility cancer. By performing only a sigmoidoscopy in this matter the physicians did not examine the entire length of the patient’s colon and thus wrongly eliminated colon cancer as a possible source for the blood. This led to a 2 year delay in the detection of the patient’s cancer. The law firm that handled this case for the man’s family no doubt had medical experts able to offer testimony that had such a delay not occurred the individual’s cancer would not have spread and the man would have survived after treatment.

Understanding Thyroid Problems

Most women are not aware that there is a silent epidemic that affects millions of women. In spite of getting enough sleep, some women feel exhausted. Or you may be gaining excess weight in spite of the fact that you are carefully monitoring your calorie intake. Is your hair thinning and do you seem to go through your days in a fog? These symptoms can be caused of a thyroid problem.

One of the most typical women’s health issues is that of thyroid conditions. As a woman reaches her menopausal phase and all throughout, she might show symptoms of having an underactive thyroid gland. Fifty percent of women are documented to have signs of hypothyroidism which tend to develop during the menopausal phase.

The endocrine system is a system of organs that secrete hormones into the blood and the thyroid is one of those glands. It is through the blood that the hormones travel to every cell in our body. Two of these hormones regulate the body temperature and basal metabolism; these are thyroxin T4 and triiodothyronine T3.

The hormone secreted by the thyroid gland is the one that regulates the metabolic rate of the body. When the thyroid is underactive or doesn’t function, or when it has been removed, the result is hypothyroidism. The opposite of this condition is hyperthyroidism wherein the thyroid produces too much hormone and it is another common problem of the thyroid gland.

Signs that could indicate that something is wrong with your thyroid: * Weight gain * Trouble sleeping * Fatigue * Muscle cramps and pain * Depression * Hair loss * Dry skin * Intolerance to cold (fingers and toes are cold) * High cholesterol

Nodules that can be cancerous can develop in the thyroid although in most instances they are benign. Women, more than men, are the ones affected and their chances of developing increase with age. These are the symptoms of thyroid cancer: * Persistent cough * Pain in the neck * Swelling in the neck * Difficulty in breathing * Difficulty in swallowing

It’s only an oncologist who can make a proper diagnosis.

Depression and menopause have been blamed for thyroid problems but it is not so. There are many instances when a thyroid problem has been misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly by medical practitioners. Most people are lacking awareness where the thyroid is concerned such that a thyroid problem often goes untreated if not misdiagnosed.

There are dietary supplements that combat thyroid problems which may be due to lack of essential nutrients needed for a properly-functioning thyroid. You should first consult with your doctor before taking any of them, though. Special vitamins and minerals that are usually lacking in our daily diet are contained in these supplements.

When Estrogen Dominates Your Not in Control

Excess estrogen has led to estrogen dominance; causing hormonal imbalance in women at an ever-earlier age and to a significantly greater degree then has ever been known. Estrogen levels in women are naturally higher, but in their mid-30’s both estrogen and progesterone levels begin to drop in women. Progesterone levels drop to where a woman is producing near zero, but estrogen levels only decline by 40 to 60 percent, leaving the woman in a state of estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance in western women is greatly exasperated by taking birth control pills. The active ingredient in any birth control pill is synthetic estrogen and taking birth control pills only elevates estrogen levels well beyond what they otherwise would be. Synthetic Estrogen is also the active ingredient in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Taking estrogen, in any form, in any dosage, unnaturally increases the body’s estrogen levels.

Estrogen is emitted by virtually all plastic products; including the plastic in the dashboard and seats of your car. In the process of manufacturing aluminum cans estrogen is produced and minute amounts of estrogen leak into any product packaged in aluminum cans. Food wrapped or packaged in aluminum foil also absorbs estrogen. Given the amount of food consumed in western societies from food packaged or wrapped in aluminum products the build-up of estrogen in the body over time is substantial. Excess estrogen is believed to be the primary cause behind the 40-60% drop in sperm counts in western men.

Combination of these factors has caused estrogen dominance to be epidemic among women in industrialized countries. Increasing the gap between estrogen and progesterone to such a degree women are not only suffering from estrogen dominance, but from progesterone deficiency at the same time.

There has never been a single scientific study to date that even suggests estrogen or HRT will prevent heart disease or the hip fractures so common in women with osteoporosis. The American Heart Association now takes the official position that HRT does not prevent heart disease, but in fact probably increases the incidence of heart attack in women.

There is only one scientifically and undeniable proven fact concerning estrogen; excess intake of any form of estrogen leads to various forms of cancer. It is unwise to say the least for any woman, at any age or at any time in her life, for any reason whatsoever to take any form of estrogen. Given these alarming facts concerning estrogen it behooves women to understand how the progesterone-estrogen equation works in their bodies.

Estrogen without a doubt causes breast fibrocycts; progesterone protects against breast fibrocycts. Estrogen increases body fat; progesterone helps use the body’s fat for energy. Estrogen is a major reason for salt and fluid retention in women; progesterone is a natural diuretic. Estrogen is known to increase blood clotting; progesterone normalizes blood clotting. Estrogen causes endometrial cancer; progesterone prevents endometrial cancer. Estrogen greatly increases the risk of breast cancer; progesterone helps prevent breast cancer.

When comparing the negative effects of estrogen to the positive effects of progesterone, one finds a near perfect balance between the hormones. Clearly and indisputably, natural progesterone is absolutely necessary to counter-act and prevent the many negative effects of estrogen dominance.

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy – You Only Get One Chance!

The comical image of your granny asleep, with her false teeth submerged in the glass beside her, is timeless. But it remains a real risk to those of us who do not take sufficient action when maintaining our dental hygiene. In a modern age, people are living longer lives than their predecessors, unfortunately some parts of our body will need more care to accompany us on the journey. It’s not rocket science, but if you need a friendly reminder on how to keep your radiant smile healthy, please take a quick look at this easy to follow guide.

The 2 minute rule.

Be honest, how long do you spend brushing your teeth, especially in the morning when running late? A survey indicates that we usually spend forty five seconds, this is not sufficient. As a rule, you should brush, using a fluoride paste, for two minutes at least twice a day. This will ensure your teeth’s surfaces have been cleaned, and that the deadly bacteria that cause plaque will be removed.

Young children.

Take extra care if you have kids, especially after they eat fruit or drink juice, the tooth enamel can be softened by the acidic properties, resulting in damaged teeth.

Linked to Cancer.

It’s now a fact, those out of us that have poor oral hygiene, are at a higher risk of Cancer and other serious illnesses later in life. The Bacteria that thrives in an unclean mouth can leak into our bloodstream causing a myriad of health related issues. What bigger wakeup call do we need?

The Dentist is your friend

It is advisable to see your local dentist every six months for a checkup; this is for several important reasons; – if you go less regularly you may risk missing the onset of gum disease, this requires an expert’s observation skills. Secondly, the dentist will advise you of any new developments that may assist your daily routine. It may seem like an extra expense, but believe me it’s worthwhile sticking to this routine.


Your toothbrush will not be able to access the area between your teeth, this is a minefield for decay and gum disease development, and you need to tackle this – everyday! Floss is the weapon of choice, just slide the cord between those hard to access points; you can also utilize interdental brushes.


It’s often overlooked, but mouthwash is a powerful ally in the war against gum disease and plaque. It also can help you maintain fresh breath, which is always nice to have! Speak to your dentist for the best available products.

Don’t forget your tongue.

This important part of our mouths is often overlooked, a sulphur based bacteria will live happily here, if left unattended, and it produces bad breath. Ask your dentist for advice on how to clean the tongue; your friends will thank you for this.


Sometimes even the best daily cleaning regime needs a helping hand; make an appointment to see your dental hygienist every three to six months. It’s not a totally pleasant experience, but can make the difference in reaching those inaccessible nooks and crannies.

By following these simple rules you should be able to maintain that dazzling smile for many years to come.

Breast Cancer Possibility Factors Include An Increase In Weight

Women, an additional reason to observe your weight. Women who load up on pounds gradually over their lifetime up their risk for postmenopausal breast cancer in comparison to those who watch how much they weigh based on new information. Quicker work has connected extra body fat with elevated breast cancer possibility factors in this generation, however this specific study examined at the risk as it relevant to weight gained eventually.

The U.S. occurrence of cancer of the breast is one in eight, about 13% (or 13 from every 100 women) during the period of an entire life. Your own personal risk could be higher or lower, based on your family and reproductive history, your lifestyle and environment. As of 2008, there are nearly 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. alone.

Because of this work, the team gathered data on over 72,000 women who took part in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial.

In the beginning of the work the subjects were among 55 & 75 years old and 3,677 was identified as having a postmenopausal breast cancer.

The team seemed only at women who had cancer of the breast however had never taken hormone alternative therapy (HRT) for menopause memory space. By reducing anyone who’d taken HRT (recognized to increase breast cancer risk), they could much better isolate weight as a possibility factor.

Excess weight indeed did appear to be the cause. The team discovered that a woman who’d increased about 30 pounds from age 20 to age 50 were built with a twofold elevated risk of building cancer on the breast after the menopause as did a woman whose fat had continued stable over those years.

Of the women in the study, about 57% had elevated their Body mass index by 5 kilograms per meter squared (kg/m2) over 30 years. To assist you visualize consider a woman who’s 5′4″ gaining about 30 pounds.

This type of enhance brought the chance of developing cancer of the breast after menopause up by 88%, compared to women whose Body mass index was relatively stable over the same period. In case you put in this equivalent weight after 50, potential risk of breast cancer gone up 56% in comparison with women who had a stable Body mass index during these years.

Increased Energy through Enzyme Therapy

Though enzymes are not discussed very often unlike the vitamins and minerals, but they do have a significant function in our body. Enzymes are basically biocatalysts and make the vitamins and minerals and every other thing on the body to work properly and speedily. Our body has over 3000 enzymes and 7000 enzyme reactions going on all the time. They are actively present in almost all our bodily functions such as breathing, growth and development, regeneration, reproduction etc. Without these enzymes our life would come to a stand still.

But sometimes, without our prior understanding, our bodies tend to lack these enzymes, and that’s when an enzyme therapy becomes essential. Enzyme therapies would require you to take supplements as alternatives to treatment of cancer and other such diseases. Enzymes act as the natural body proteins that can stimulate as well as accelerate the biological reactions in our body.

Enzyme therapy can be categories into several types:

Digestive enzyme therapy
Pancreatic enzyme therapy
Systemic enzyme therapy
Proteolytic enzyme therapy

The systemic enzyme therapy is known to provide the body with increased energy and healthy lifestyle. This therapy intends to make sure that every organ of the body receives ample amount of enzymes needed to give support to the activities. A balance in the level of the enzymes is maintained. If there is a disturbance here, the effect would manifest on the health of the person.

Systemic enzyme therapy involves the use of necessary ingredients like Serrpeptase and Nattokinase, which are very helpful for the body. The efficacy of this therapy has been proven time and again and can be used without any hesitation. Systemic enzymes are to be taken orally and between meals. It should not be taken with foods; if taken along with foods, it would not get absorbed with the blood properly as it should.

Systemic enzyme therapy can help in getting rid of the toxins by enabling the liver to detoxify properly. All the related detoxification reactions in our liver are very important for our whole body.

These enzymes also help in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation caused due to arthritis, sports injury and fibromyalgia. Systemic enzyme therapy is a healthy and a better alternative to the NSAIDs and other such drugs.

Also, systemic enzymes allow the body to fight against viruses almost naturally and can also help in maintaining the normal flow of blood. Above all, they help in speeding up the process of healing and can increase the body’s defense mechanism, thus being the best source of increased energy levels and a healthy way of living.