Tips on establishing a low cholesterol daily diet

If you become diagnosed with high cholesterol or heart disease, one of the first recommendations that your doctor will make is to change your diet. Your doctor will advise that you change some of your food choices to better fit a low cholesterol diet.

Once we become accustomed to certain things, change is very difficult. No matter how difficult it may seem, if you keep at it, you’ll start to see results. Before you know it, you’ll understand what your lower cholesterol options are, and be able to make more informed diet choices with ease.

First you should examine some of the dairy products that you eat. Many dairy products such as milks, creams, and cheeses are very high in cholesterol. If you choose the low-fat, or fat-free versions of these, you will reduce your cholesterol intake. Butter is another food that is high in cholesterol.

There are many great butter substitutes on the market that have much smaller amounts of cholesterol in them than the original version. Eggs are a healthy meal high in protein, but they can also be high in cholesterol if you eat the yolks.

You can separate the yolk from the egg, and eat the whites only to get rid of most of the cholesterol. You can even buy the egg whites already separated from the yolk at your local supermarket.

Red meats are often high in cholesterol, and should be eaten as infrequently as possible. You should choose lean cuts of chicken or fish instead, because they have much lower amounts of saturated fats than red cuts of meat do.

Be careful about the way that you prepare chicken or fish. Frying chicken or fish causes them to be just as unhealthy as red cuts of meat, because of the oil that they are fried in. Not only does frying them cause them to be higher in saturated fat, but it also causes them to be higher in trans fats. This combination can wreak havoc on your blood cholesterol levels.

A good alternative to frying is baking, broiling, or even grilling. The best way to prepare your vegetables is by baking or steaming them with minimal use of oils or butter. You can still add lots of flavor using a vast array of herbs and spices.

Using seasonings to season your foods instead of animal fats will be a big change at first, but it’s intriguing how much your culinary world opens up once you start preparing your food in such different ways. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting a low cholesterol diet plan, don’t be.

Your doctor will help you learn to find the resources you need to start a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t include high cholesterol foods. Many people find that once they get started, the transition is easier than they thought it would be, because of the many different fresh food choices that are encouraged in a low cholesterol diet plan.

There is a vast array of book and internet websites available that will aid you in implementing your new healthy lifestyle. Don’t consider a low cholesterol diet a distressing thing, but a new beginning to a healthier better you.

Taking a moment to think about what you eat can be a hassel, but eating the right food will reduce your cholesterol level. When your cholesterol level is in check, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, you will stay fit and healthy.

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