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Somaiya Social Cell has been covered in the following Media sources

Chembur Ghatkopar Plus,September 9th 2008
Students of K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies social cell held a sale of products made by various self help groups at the college campus.
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VOICES Issue 100 ,September 19th 2008
The importance of blood donation can be gauged by the fact that “every 3.75 seconds someone needs a blood transfusion”.
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VOICES Issue 100 ,September 19th 2008
SIFE, Students in Free Enterprise, is a global organization that gives a platform to students from all over the world to showcase their work that they have done for the betterment of the society.Read More

Somaiya Social Cell has conducted the following events in the recent past

Health Check-up for the Pehel community
February 20th 2008
The Pehel classes are an integral part of the SIMSR hostel building. The social cell continuously strives to enhance the quality of life of the community of construction workers; teaching their kids through Pehel Read More
The Road towards Peace
January 14 2008
On 5th December; Mr. Steve Fryburg, the Director of Dayton Peace Museum Inc, Ohio, visited SIMSR campusRead More
AIDS Awareness Day
1st December 2008
On the occasion of ‘WORLD AIDS DAY’ on 1st December, the social cell undertook an awareness drive to make people aware about AIDS and the importance of this day.Read More
October 5th 2008
Somaiya Social Cell took the initiative of Tree Plantation. On 5th October 2008, the event took place at two venues.Read More

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