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posted by Savanah on Feb 14

For the last three days, it’s been pouring rain so hard that three holes in my roof now leak water into my bedroom like a sieve.   Buckets and waste baskets have been set to catch it all, but at this moment, I wouldn’t mind being anywhere but here — especially, if it that anywhere were Miami, Florida.  I saw bits of Miami on the Superbowl the other week and it was sunny and dry, but this terrific city has a lot more to offer than just great weather.  It’s packed with museums and beaches and wildlife attractions, and host to a number of engaging sights.

For museums, there’s the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium.  Since Florida is where the Space Age flourished in the 1960s (at Cape Canaveral, and later, Cape Kennedy), you might expect the state to boast a very fine science and space museum, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.  The planetarium has daily shows that will help kids and adults alike to comprehend the vastness of the universe outside the planet.  With beaches, of course, you’ll find in Miami a number of fine hotels lined up along the shore, with the Atlantic Ocean their swimming pool.  Of course, many of these hotels also feature actual swimming pools, if you find the ocean a bit too salty and filled with wildlife for your taste.  Speaking of wildlife, there’s the famous Miami Seaquarium and ,Parrot Jungle Island, places to find animals that entertain and animals that talk!

In addition, there’s fine cuisine, Venetian swimming pools carved from limestone quarries from 1923, mysterious coral stone castles constructed in the mid-20th Century by a single man (called the Coral Castle, take a look!), and many others.  Much better than my leaky, damp apartment.  And now that the Superbowl has been over for at least a week, traffic is probably decent, too!

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