Team grace message for may 22, 2013

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“Repentance is another concept that has been hijacked by the enemy and distorted in order to keep the sons and daughters of God in bondage to legalism. This good and precious gift has been turned into a hideous caricature of itself and robbed of its power to help liberate us from the power of deception. (Pure Grace – page 96).

The word repent in English comes from the Latin word “repoenitet” not the Greek word “metanoia” as it should. “Metanoia” means to “think again”, or “change your mind” which is the proper and accurate translation. “Repoenitet” means to “be sorry again” which has lead to the improper teaching in the church concerning repentance. To Biblically repent is to change one’s mind when confronted with truth. This glorious gift allows us to be conformed in our thinking to the way God thinks. Biblical repentance is a grace gift that allows us to mature as a Believer and exercise the mind of Christ that we have been given.

Grace to you all,

Pastor Clark Whitten

Grace Church Longwood, FL.

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