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Welcome to the Organic Aspirin ™ website where you can find everything you need for a healthy heart. From our website you can buy Organic Aspirin ™ products directly. We are a company founded by research scientists, educators and librarians, so you can also find educational resources, heart fitness information, and much more.

Aspirin Medication and the Heart

Studies have shown that aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) consumption benefits the heart. Salicylates like aspirin have been used in various forms since antiquity. Actually, the first salicylates consumed were all botanical. The use of naturally occurring salicylates from plant extracts prompted the chemical synthesis of aspirin. Today, all aspirin is synthesized industrially from phenol(a byproduct of coal or benzene). In fact, aspirin was first manufactured from chemically modifying extracts of the spiraea ulmaria plant, a major constituent of Organic Aspirin ™ cardioprotective capsules. The FDA has approved aspirin use for people who have had a previous stroke or who have had a warning signs such as a transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke). The cardiovascular effects of aspirin extend to those who have had a previous heart attack, experience angina (chest pain), have had recurrent blockage, or have had heart bypass surgery or other procedures to clear blocked arteries (such as balloon angioplasty or carotid endarterectomy).
However, because of the risks of long-term use, aspirin is not approved by the FDA for decreasing the risk of heart attack in healthy individuals.

Sensible Choices and Healthy Hearts

To maintain optimal cardiovascular health supplement with Organic Aspirin ™ cardioprotective capsules. Organic Aspirin ™ capsules provide you with salicylates for your heart’s protection. We are dedicated to providing the best botanical cardioprotective alternative to industrially synthesized medications. Organic Aspirin ™ products contain exclusively naturally occurring phytochemicals and salicylates which later convert into salicylic acid in our bodies and allow for gentler digestion than harsher synthetic medications while at the same time providing a wider range of benefits. All healthy hearts thrive on sensible exercise and nutrition. Independent of
your lifestyle choices, our goal is to provide you with the best protection your heart will ever have.

Added Benefits of Organic Aspirin ™ products:

Our products contain salicin from both botanical forerunners of aspirin. Spirea Ulmaria and White Willow were originally -for over a century- used as “herbal” flu-remedies. The mild anti-clotting effect of natural salicylates, provides cardioprotective benefits, and their anti-inflammatory action promotes joint flexibility. The flavonoids present in Hawthorn Berry help improve circulation by reducing blood lipids and alleviating hypertension (via vasodilation). Our plant sources are rich in tannins (chemicals found in tea, wine and pomegranates). Phytochemicals from the plants provide extra health benefits and protect the stomach.

Look for our Organic Aspirin ™ cardioprotective products at your local natural foods and health store.

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