Learning to pour pints – its like learning to drive a car

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Learning To Pour Pints – Its Like Learning to Drive a Car

Nov 11

Posted by Aisling Hegarty

When I first started working in a bar, the one thing that petrified me was learning to pour pints. I’m not sure why this scared me so much, after all, its only pouring some liquid into a glass. Its probably something to do with the fact that a) I don’t like beer and b) I know sweet fuck all about beer

Poueing pints - like learning to drive a car

The Glenmore Rooftop Bar

As I hesitated to pull my first pint, I stood at the tap and just thought to myself screw this, its only beer. A sense of ‘dont let the tap own you’ washed over me. And slowly but surely , pint after pint, I started to get the hang of it. By the end of the night,  I was mentally willing people to order pints so I could practice my new found skill. Happy days!!

So this is my theory. Learning to pour pints is like learning to drive to a car. Everyone is scared and intimidated to sit in the drivers seat that very first time. Trying to get the bite for me was one of the biggest challenges. But once I got it, you couldn’t get me out of the car. Trying to get the perfect head on the pint was my biggest challenge but once I got it, it just clicked with me., just like getting the bite. Both now imprinted in my brain.

Next step – Guinness – this is my Everest.

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