National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2010 Journal

October 18

I may go to the kick-off party next weekend; asked someone if they wanted a ride.  If they accept then I’ll go, otherwise, I don’t
really want to go all that way, especially alone.  We have until Wednesday to RSVP, looks like there will be a large group.

October 14

My brother’s birthday today, mine is in less than two weeks.  I made a sort of exerpt to get me started on the book:

The “Green Lady” had been playing chess with a man in a marble hall and they were waiting for her.  When Maggie
entered through the arch, they both rose, the man bowed and greeted her by name and then withdrew across the room.  The woman
came to her and held her hands, infusing her with love and joy but then said, “I have to leave you now, for your own good;
you have thirty days to change your life” and letting go of her hands, turned, and walked out of the hall into a desert
landscape.  Maggie tried to follow her, would do anything to get her back, to get her to stay and explain, but woke instead,
bereft and crying.

October 13

I have my story line and title (it is number 3, The Green Lady) and maybe the first five to seven days’ worth of plotting.  I don’t know how much further I want to go
now; I know the danger of trying to get things “exact” and then find they’re boring to write because it’s like data entry instead
of writing.  I want to keep things vague enough to be exciting but have enough of an idea of which way “forward” is so I can
keep down the Anxiety of the Unknown Future (AUF).  I still don’t have a very good “I don’t know yet” bucket to allow me to
sally forth, confident that it will all come out “right” for me in the end.  I’m currently reading lots of Ellen J. Langer,
On Becoming an Artist and that might be a game changer for me!

Currently I am going to start, first day, by copying all I wrote last year in Morning Story about the Green Lady and
the dream (page 77ish) and editing that, seeing if I can rearrange, expand and make that work.  I was reading Morning Story
the other day and really like it; think I’ll edit it myself for typos (and to make the love interest and some scenes a little deeper),
save up $750 to get it professionally edited, etc. and then maybe get it in shape to submit a few places.

October 7

I’ve updated my pages on NaNo and am considering my ideas for which story I want to write.  I could do (1) a sequel to
last year’s Morning Story, (2) a story about Margaret Bunn
(see:, (3) a non-sequel sequel to Morning Story (last year’s
novel) still about an older woman but not “Kathy” or, (4) something else.  I think I will decide today (after I find
the page in my notebook where I tried to figure it out a month or two ago) and start planning or outlining or something.

I’m leaning toward 3, where an older woman is urgently told in a dream that she must change her life within 30 days.  I
like the 30 day theme Morning Story had last year with its words and story-a-day theme.

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