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My foot pain was soothed with a paraffin wax treatment. The heat of the wax stimulated blood flow and relaxes tired and aching muscles. My feet were dipped several times in the wax forming layers of heat. Afterwards, my feet felt wonderful. They were recharged and ready to go. I followed the treatment by locking in moisture with Dead Sea Foot Mask offered by Powerfeet. It left my feet luxuriously smooth and silky. Even my heels were soft and subtle.

About Paraffin Wax Treatments

Paraffin wax treatments are available in many salons for the hands and feet. You can also do these at home with the correct items that can be purchased at most beauty supply outlets or online. When visiting a salon, you should check to see what their sanitary guidelines entail. Most salons change their wax about every six months. The hot wax is a hostile environment for fungi and bacteria. I do however always check to see that it is not full of debris such as lint or hair.

Before Waxing

Before going for a paraffin wax treatment, I always thoroughly wash and dry my feet. This opens the pores of the skin allowing for a more therapeutic experience. I always wait until after the treatment to moisturize. Since paraffin is so mild, I often take in as many treatments as I can during the week. This keeps my feet feeling fresh and pain free.

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