Isabella at 5 years old, 2010

been a slow and steady road to Isabella’s maturing and finding her place in
Havana Silk Dog world, but we are so happy we are here! Isabella was
personally evaluated by Diane Klumb at the 1st Havana Silk Dog Association
of America Specialty at Virginia Beach, VA, October 2007. I am proud to
report that Isabella was 20 out of 20 for “type” to the Havana Silk Dog
Breed and 95 out of 100 for her overall Havana Silk Dog Conformation. I knew there was something
special about this sweet little girl I found, but I hadn’t
realized just how special and fortunate I was until Fall of 2007 as I came
into the knowledgeable circle of other well-known Havanese and Havana Silk
Dog Breeders. It is listening and learning from these dedicated groups of
breeders, as well as  studying other resources,  that I have 
established my breeding program with integrity and care to the health
testing and commitment to excellence in the AKC Havanese breed and now the Havana Silk Dog Association and  Havana Silk Dog breed. 
Whether we are breeding  HSDAA Havana Silk Dogs or AKC Havanese, the crucial
point has been the commitment to health testing and breeding away from
health issues. Thank you to my fellow
breeders and friends who have helped me along the way and for supporting the
health of the breeds! Thank you HSDAA for recognizing my Isabella Tisza as a
true Havana Silk Dog! We are honored to be a part of restoring the original
Cuban breed! 

“Welcome, Isabella,
to your heritage!”

At the 1st HSDAA Specialty
in Virginia Beach, VA (Isabella loved the East Coast Beach!)

October 27 2007

Isabella has vacillated between 9.5 – 10
pounds from her 1st litter and is 10 inches at the withers.


In the AKC Ring:

Toy Group 4 – Kenai Kennel Club Anchorage, AK
– January 2006


Winner’s Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex  –
4 Point Major, Puyallup, WA 2006


My Champion Photo

Isabella was purchased as a pup from an Iowa breeder whose Havs came
from Champion lines in Hungary, and before that Europe and Russia.
Isabella took Champion in Fall 2006 under handler Dixie Rae Sick with 4
majors: BOB, BOW, BOS (2) in 4 months! Isabella also took Group 4 in the
Toys with me when she was only 12 months-old!


My very first photo






Me, Mom, Nate, Jessica,
and Rachel 2005

My first snow!


Happy Champion




“Izzy” at 26 months


Irrigation Festival Parade


Me and Mom at the parade with my
therapy dog friends


Isabella has taken some agility
lessons with Handler Dixie Rae but mostly she is content to lounge
around and live the good life.  When we have time we
participate in therapy dog visits with our local Olympic Gentle Paws





Side Soap 


   Patellas: Normal
Good BAER: Normal CERF:
2009  Bile Acid: Pre 8/Post 16  Cardiology:




contact us:



Phone: 360-457-7157

[email protected]

“A proud supporter of the
original Cuban breed!”


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