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Select Jobseekers without the Hassle of Phone Calls

When your business is looking to hire new employees, faceonpage.com can provide you with the candidates that you are seeking. Our service offers full control over the selection process right up to conducting online interviews, cutting the time and costs like travel expenses and interview time when hiring new employees. We also reduce the stress that comes from the interview process like getting candidates hopes up or having to continuously contact potential employees.

Total Control when Selecting Jobseekers and Consultants

We offer three different types of jobseeker profiles; standard text, audio and video; meaning that it is no longer necessary to look through cover letters when selecting potential employees to interview. Using video profiles gives employers a chance to have a good look at jobseekers before offering them an interview and employers can view as many profiles as they want to for each position available. Video profiles include all of the jobseeker’s personal information along with a video interview so that employers can see what their answers are to a range of relevant questions to assist in streamlining the interview process. Text profiles also some personal information for jobseekers but only include their resume and answers to some questions.

Reduced Hiring Time

faceonpage.com makes finding the right people for the job easier than most online employment sites currently do. Employers can take the time to sort through the online profiles before they create a short list for interviewing based on the video interviews of potential employees. This speeds up the hiring process by eliminating preliminary interviews to find the right candidates and produces the quick results that Human Resources or hiring managers are looking for.

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