To the talented team who helped make this book come to life:  

Natalia Naduris-Weissman for her creativity and organization

Shachar Lavi for her style and design

Audra Keefe for her dedication and skills

Marcelo Coelho for his photography

Dave Dresden for his spirit and support

Christina Felix for her efforts and dedication

Emily Potts for her guidance and editing

Regina Grenier for helping putting it all together

To the amazing people who have contributed to
our success over the years:

Rebekah Albrecht  

Katie Anderson  

Ilise Benun  

Angelia Bibbs-Sanders  

Sheri Bonwell  

Paul Carlin  

Liz Cohen  

Tara Curtis  

Jim Dekker  

Ruben Esparza  

Kevin Fabian  

Matt Gerbel  

Rhondak Glasscock  

Joanne Gold  

Scott Goldman  

Amy Goldsmith  

James Grey  

Ilene Guy  

Terese Harris  

Jerri Hemsworth  

Ricky Hoyt  

Lea Ann Hutter  

Louis Katz  

Nir Keren  

Leah Kim  

Lee Lavi  

Nina Madjid  

Patti Magnan  

Gregg McBride  

Heather McKendry  

Marc McLean  

Alexis Mercurio  

Bryn Mooth  

Steve Morris  

Kathy Mota  

Michael Page  

Tom Parker  

Clive Pearse  

Doug Prinzivalli  

Debbie Reiner  

Erin Sarpa  

Kat Sawyer  

Karen Schakarov  

Eva Sippel  

Billye Sluyter

Laurence Stevens  

Molly Stretten  

Healit Swisa  

Nativ Top  

Reuven Top  

Ahuva Top  

Mor Top  

Deb Valle  

Roxana Villa  

Dina Weinberg  

Rashelle Westcott  

Pat Whiteman  

Mary Yanish  

Jay Zaltzman

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