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Many people choose PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails or any other programming language when it comes to the web development or learn such languages to find the jobs. However, they overlook one of the best frameworks or programming languages called “.NET”. Released in 2002 and developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET is a web application framework that is highly preferred by the developers when it comes to building dynamic websites.

A very few platforms draw the same amount of interest as ASP.NET from the development community. It makes applications robust, secure and high quality. .NET brings a whole host of features and benefits for the developers as well as for the users over the other programming languages. Itfacilitates more rapid software development at lowest cost, and the resulting product is a highly performance-driven, scalable, , reliable and secure to integrate with other programs and applications.

Moreover, it helps developers create internet-based distributed system and quickly create, deploy and manage web-based applications, client applications and even XML web services applications on the go.While many of the developers are comparing ASP.NET with the other programming language, it is actually impossible to compare it with any other programming language. Let’s find out whatmakesit unique and why it is a language that developers stick to for their development needs and deeds.


  • Well-managed robust code: The .NET platform not only runs such kind of new code, but monitors its execution while allowing software bugs to be caught and healed before any serious issue arises. It can help you overcome some of the older Windows system problems, such as memory leaks, memory corruption and blue screen death.
  • Out-of-the-box scalability: The ASP.NET framework helps you lower the total cost of the application ownership. First of all, it simplifies deployment and upkeep by handling the details of locating and loading application components. Moreover, it ensures that all the crucial application components are already available on the system before the execution of the application begins. On the other hand, .NET simplifies the maintenance as it eliminates the need of re-writing the entire code for the modification of configuration settings.
  • Side-by-side versions:The .NET software sidesteps the earlier Component Object Model (COM) based mechanism, which allowed software packages to harm each other. In reality, .NET enables two versions of managed code application to run side-by-side on the same computer without any collision. Therefore, it helps developers to get rid of removing the older version of a software product in order to install and try any new version.
  • Far better security: .NET software is designed to overcome rogue software and security breaches. ASP.NET’s managed code is the part of solution, which helps you get rid of critical security issues. It involves built-in checks and balances that will help you keep the application or system running safely while preventing security breaches.
  • It’s “Connected”:The creative .NET tools and standards for managed coding makes it easy for the developers to create programs with high-connectivity. By seeing the current software development trends, it is quite clear that we’re going to rely on tons of interacting systems in the future and therefore, it is crucial that such systems are robust when the high connectivity is in demand.A .NET platform brings everything that one may need to cope up with the technological advancement going to take place in the future.
  • Microsoft generates more revenue from .NET! Well, many of you might not know the fact that Microsoft generates quite decent revenues from its product, which gives .NET a competitive advantage as compared to its other competitors. Microsoft has a wide range of .NET compatible products, such as development tools, server products, desktop applications and more, which helps it generate a significant amount of revenue. Those revenues will be spent by Microsoft to make alliances with other third parties to support .NET.
  • According to the recent survey from w3cook, the usage trends and statistics for ASP.NET for the past few months has increased by 1.726%. Moreover, almost 46.211% of the people or developers in the USA are using ASP.NET for web as well as application development.

    So, all the above reasons or points are enough to justify why you should stick to ASP.NET for all your web as well as application development needs and deeds. Sure, there are mant exciting new options, but .NET is still an excellent choice. Do you have more reasons to share? Or, do you feel that some other options are way better than Asp.NET? Share your ideas in the comments!

    Author Bio: Hi, this is Jagruti Patel. I Love to write and share about Information Technology and working with Cygnet Infotech. Cygnet Infotech delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help companies to improve efficiencies in business processes. Cygnet Infotech offers a range of IT services in technologies like. BizTalk Server consulting services, .Net Application Development, wcf service, Silverlight Development Services,Windows 8 application developmentetc by leveraging its domain & business expertise.

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