Badie alle grazie resort – restaurant giardino dei semplici

The monks certainly did not choose this site at random but complied with the rules set forth by the Order: “between hill and plain, close to a stream or spring and in the proximity of a wood so that there might be all things required for meditation, the vegetable garden and the workshops, and so that work might find its place within its walls”.

This is the birth-place of “Il Giardino dei Semplici” Restaurant, set in a very special and refined ambience, born out of an authentic passion for food and managed with unquestionably qualified professional skills. The utmost care for the slightest details and its cordial atmosphere turn Il Giardino dei Semplici into something more than a restaurant: a place entreating you to become a Time Voyager and to experience authentic emotions. 

The Restaurant’s name originates from the Cistercian monks’ age-old tradition of growing medicinal herbs: the adjacent park now hosts a reproduction of the ancient garden and herbarium of the “Semplici”, a symphony of colours and fragrances with over thirty different species of medicinal herbs.

The very same herbs are subsequently used by Maria, the Chef, in delicious recipes as well as by the staff of the wellness centre to produce essential oils and soothing herb teas. An experience not to be missed by all those seeking inner balance, serenity and well-being.

Our cuisine draws upon traditional Umbrian recipes. The flavours and fragrances are typical of this land rich with genuine natural products: cepes, truffles, venison, “Chianina” meat and, above all, our olive oil, all join in to highlight some of our very special dishes.

The restaurant moreover has been chosen by the Accademia Italiana dell Cucina (Italian Academy of Cooking), as a periodical meeting point for the cooking tastings. See the menu of Academy.

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