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Index Of Commonly Asked Internet Information Technology Questions

  1. How do you define web design
  2. Does Ataraxis Web Design work for clients outside of the Greater Toronto Area
  3. I need a website designed for my small business where do I begin, can you help me
  4. I like your web design philosophy and want to hire Ataraxis, how do we get started
  5. How long will it take to complete my web design project
  6. Someone I know and trust referred me to you, should I still read about your services
  7. What is the difference between a web designer and web developer
  8. I do not have any good web graphics for my site, can Ataraxis provide them
  9. How much will it cost to have your web design company create our business website
  10. How will I be sure I am choosing the right web designer if I hire you
  11. Will Ataraxis create a web design for us without us using your web hosting service
  12. How will I know how many people are visiting my website
  13. I would like to have flash presentations included in my web design, can you do that
  14. We want to sell our products online, can Ataraxis build us an online ecommerce store
  1. How do you define web hosting
  2. What is meant by managed services web hosting
  3. Are your small business servers in Toronto
  4. Are your small business web servers only for clients in the GTA Greater Toronto Area
  5. What do you mean by website maintenance
  6. What is the difference between Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting
  7. I use Windows on my PC, will I need a Windows web hosting package for my website
  8. Will I need to learn the Linux operating system if I use a Linux web hosting plan
  9. I often work away from my office, can I access my domain email from any computer
  10. I have a website hosted with another web hosting company, can I transfer it to yours
  11. Why pay to host my site when I can get free web hosting somewhere else
  1. How do you define web development
  2. What is the difference between web development and web programming
  3. What is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  4. What does eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) mean
  5. What are meta tags and why are they important
  6. Why do all pages in your web development portfolio end with .php instead of .html
  7. What programs and technologies will be used to develop my website
  8. Will I be able to make changes and updates to my website by myself
  9. I heard about content management systems (CMS), which one will I be using
  10. I need to know when a client sends me email no matter where I am, what can I do
  11. Should I have my email address on my site I heard robots will find it to send SPAM.
  12. Will I own everything that Ataraxis produces after the web development is completed
  1. How do you define search engine optimization
  2. Do you guarantee my website will be on the first page of search engine results
  3. Does Ataraxis include search engine submissions with my website design
  4. If my website is not submitted to many directories how will people find it
  5. I have read to beware of unethical search engine optimization tactics, what are they
  6. What does code to text ratio or text to code ratio mean
  7. I don’t like your long filename structure suggestions, aren’t short abbreviations better
  8. Why don’t you offer SEO as a separate service
  1. How do you define search engine marketing
  2. Why don’t you offer search engine marketing as a separate service
  3. Other web designers help with search engine marketing campaigns, why won’t you
  4. Isn’t search engine marketing and Internet marketing the same thing
  5. What does pay per click (PPC) mean
  6. What does cost per click (CPC) mean
  7. What does CPM mean
  1. How do you define Internet marketing
  2. Is Internet marketing better than traditional bricks and mortar methods
  3. How will you establish a successful Internet marketing strategy for my small business
  4. I know other businesses with ineffective websites, how do I know mine will be helpful
  5. What is the typical yearly cost for small business Internet marketing campaigns
  6. How can web analytic visitor static statistics help my Internet marketing efforts
  7. What does organic search results mean
  1. How do you define professional copywriting
  2. Will I be responsible for producing the content for my website or can you write it
  3. Your copywriting is optimized but I don’t know how, won’t it be ineffective
  4. Why is it important to write so much information about my product or service
  5. Is it really necessary to produce so much content for my site
  6. Will people actually read all the copywritten content that goes into my site
  7. Will I own the copyrights to the text on my website even if it is written by Ataraxis
  8. Is it true we should not have more than 4 or 5 text lines per paragraph for webpages
  1. How do you define domain name registration
  2. What is a domain name
  3. How do I register a domain name
  4. How much will it cost to register a domain name
  5. What does domain name system (DNS) mean
  6. Will my personal information used to register a domain name be publicly available
  7. After I register a domain name will it permanently belong to me or my company
  8. How Is Domain Name Registration Controlled And Regulated

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