6 Extraordinary Foods That You Should Be Eating instead of Throwing them Away

The parts of the food that we normally do not eat can be full of nutrients, and surprisingly delicious.
These are the 6 foods that you should eat instead of throwing them away.
Orange peel
It contains four times more fiber than the part that we usually eat and is full of tangeretin and nobiletin – flavonoids that are good for the prevention of cancer, diabetes and inflammation.
Chard stems
They are rich in glutamine,an amino acid that strengthens the immune system and it stimulates the body to recover from injuries and surgeries.
Celery leaves
They contain five times more magnesium and calcium than its stems. Plus, they are great source of vitamin C and phenols – powerful antioxidants.
Broccoli leaves
30 grams of broccoli leaves contain 90% of the vitamin A your body needs in a day, while the vegetable itself contains only 3 percent.
Watermelon rind
It has been found that the flesh of a watermelon contains high levels of citrulline, an amino acid which promotes expansion of blood vessels and thus improves circulation.
Garlic peel
It contains more antioxidants than a single garlic bulb. It is particularly rich in quercetin, which can reduce the high blood pressure.

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