Hospital Specialty Staffing

Specialty Staffing, the new leader in supplemental medical staffing
With over 60 years of medical experience, HSS offers only the best in
health care
professionals at an affordable cost

When you
think of a healthcare career at Hospital Specialty Staffing, think Total
Compensation, the full value of the base pay, special pays (additional
pay for other than day shift, on-call pay, holiday premium pay, etc.),
the potential for incentive pay, and the indirect pay that you could
receive. We proudly boast one of the most generous pay and benefit packages
of any supplemental medical staffing agency in our state.

mission is to provide qualified, highly skilled, compassionate, supplemental

medical personnel to hospitals and healthcare service providers. Accomplishing
this goal allows the provision of continuous quality care for the patients
they serve.
We will strive to maintain the most stringent standards for our staff
by requiring continuing education. Our staff is hand selected with the
highest moral character
and the highest ethical standards that share one common goal, to provide
the best medical attention, care and service for your patients

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