Steven Corrie Story

When I started on these amazing

products I weighed 258 lbs. and had a 52 inch waist.  I was having constant chest

pain and finding myself constantly out of breath with little or no energy.  I was

experiencing blurred vision from time to time; my hands would also fall asleep almost

every evening when I was sleeping or when I drove the car. I was also having chronic

back problems due to my weight; at times the pain would be so bad that my wife would have

to put my socks and shoes on me, and then she would have to tie them as I could not bend

over due to the pain. I had also been taking antidepressants for quite awhile.

You would think that with

all these physical ailments I would have enough reasons to lose weight, but the main

motivating factor was my son.  Josh had just turned 2 years old when I started using

the products and all I could think about was “how am I going to have the energy to go

out and play, throw ball, or do all the things a parent enjoys doing with their

family?” Then again, with the health problems I was having would I even be here?

The first month on the

products I lost 18 lbs., the second month I lost 10 lbs.  One year later, I had lost a

total of 102 lbs. and 79 inches and I have more energy now than I’ve had in a long time.

  I also went from a 52-inch waist to wearing 31-32 jeans.   Most of all,

I’m able to go out and run along beside my son on his bike.  Thanks to these

products, I’ve regained my health, stamina and self-confidence.

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