A Good Health В» DHEA Cream Is More Effective As Compared To Its Pill

Decline in hormone levels including put negative affect on heath and especially on skin. At the age of 35, hormone levels start declining whose symptoms include decreased energy, dry thin skin, and trouble sleeping, increased abdominal fat and reduced sex drive. Experts say that DHEA cream is more effective in treating hormonal decline, physical and mental symptoms as compared to its pills.

DHEA is a prohormone whose levels reaches to peak in the age of 25 and starts to decline after this age. According to medical research, DHEA is best bio identical cream as compared to pills. Oral DHEA when taken changes into DHEA-S, when absorb into blood stream. DHEA-S is a different pro-hormone and has different benefits than DHEA. Research was testing the effects of DHEA-S.

DHEA is a base for skin oil called sebum. It saves skin from carcinogens and maintains skin hydration. When DHEA 25 is rubbed on skin, it brings much positive impacts on the body. Its affects appear within three weeks.

Twist 25 DHEA cream is a specially compounded proprietary cream that showed best results in making healthy skin. It has safely tested, absorbs in 10 seconds, and has Co-enzyme Q-10 and Vitamin E that are good for skin in making it healthy.

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